Learn how Bakken Invitation Honorees are making a difference around the world.

This year’s event is especially meaningful given the recent passing of Medtronic co-founder Earl Bakken. Earl personally recognized the importance of the “extra life” he and other medical technology recipients receive, and the importance of using that time to be a force for positive change through volunteerism. Since 2013, the program has honored more than 70 individuals from around the world.


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Eduardo Caminada Jr

Eduardo Caminada Junior (Brazil), Multiple Therapies

After Eduardo lost three jobs due to his epileptic seizures, he realized his mission by creating an online platform and book to bring awareness to the condition. The discrimination he faced in the workforce was the motivating factor for his advocacy efforts as he seeks to erase the prejudice and stigma for people with epilepsy.

Rather than fight against his disease, Eduardo sees the importance in fighting for one’s own life. Among his many accomplishments was creating Purple Day Brazil for global epilepsy awareness and gaining the support of many ambassadors expanded his organization’s programming. He continues to lead activities and discussions worldwide to drive public awareness.

Candice Coghlan

Candice Coghlan (Canada), Multiple Therapies

As a university student, Candice was diagnosed with kidney disease that disrupted her goals of travelling the world for humanitarian work. After a life-saving kidney transplant from her mother, Candice pursued her dreams of aiding vulnerable children around the world. She directed a nonprofit organization, providing resources to orphans affected by HIV and AIDS in Lesotho, Africa.

In 2018, she led a research initiative for the Transplant Ambassador Program which introduced kidney donors and renal disease survivors to new patients who provide guidance in challenging times. Since Candice took the lead, the organization has helped break barriers for transplant patients.

Amber Huett Garcia

Amber Huett-Garcia (USA), Bariatric Surgery

Systemic injustices and biases led Amber to reduce obstacles for people living with obesity. As a self-pay patient, her expenses drove her into debt, which inspired her choice to join the Obesity Action Coalition. She works to provide education and outreach to others, lobbying for healthcare accessibility and to eliminate discriminatory insurance practices in obesity care. She eventually became a national board member of the organization as she championed efforts to reduce weight bias and create a positive image for patients living with her condition.

Amber continues to focus her health policy efforts on reducing stigma of the disease with a long-term goal of defeating discrimination as a whole.

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