Children's Heartlink

A New $2.5 Million Partnership with Children’s HeartLink

Aimed at training10,000 health workers and providing congenital heart disease surgery and quality outcomes for 10,000 children.

As the World Health Organization spearheads a global campaign on equity this World Health Day, the Medtronic Foundation and Children’s HeartLink (CHL) are announcing a $2.5 million, three-year, outcomes-based partnership to address congenital heart disease in children with a focus on reducing disparities in access to care and quality patient outcomes, and meaningful employee engagement.

This partnership continues a rich legacy of partnership across the organizations, and is made in honor of Omar Ishrak, former chairman and CEO, Medtronic and former board member of the Medtronic Foundation, a true champion of impact driven philanthropy focusing on the underserved.

Read the press release here.


“Every child with congenital heart disease deserves access to quality pediatric heart care. Together with Children’s HeartLink, the Medtronic Foundation is in a unique position to mark World Health Day by ensuring more children get equitable care and have the opportunity to survive and thrive.”

Paurvi Bhatt, President, Medtronic Foundation