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Civic Engagement


We contribute to the vibrancy of the communities where we live and work through grant making, sponsorships and our commitment to volunteerism. Our global network of employees, patients and retirees are empowered to become individual philanthropists.


Most people want to volunteer their time and skills to do good. For Medtronic employees, that's where the Medtronic Foundation comes in. From on-site meal packing events to paid time off to respond to natural disasters, employees are empowered to make a difference.

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Volunteer engagement

We help connect Medtronic employees and retirees with the causes and issues they are most passionate about to create positive change in communities around the world.


Community grants

We look for opportunities to develop deep community partnerships that ultimately deliver targeted, culturally relevant programs for the people who need it most.


disaster relief

Natural disasters are on the rise worldwide. The Medtronic Foundation helps communities prepare, respond, recover and build.

Bakken Invitation

Patients who have faced life-threatening illness have an unique perspective on healthcare. That's why  we're empowering them to improve outcomes for underserved populations everywhere.

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