What is the Medtronic Foundation's approach to community grant-making and sponsorships?

The Medtronic Foundation drives social impact by partnering with Medtronic employees and nonprofit organizations to drive meaningful progress towards improved outcomes. We are an invitation-only grant-making organization and distribute grants which align with our core strategies to organizations and in communities across the world. When grant funding is available, we actively reach out to potential partner organizations at our own initiative for proposals. Unsolicited submissions are not reviewed.

Please note: These grants are separate from those funded by Medtronic PLC. For more information about the focus of Medtronic PLC grants and donations, learn more here.


What does the Medtronic PLC fund versus what does the Medtronic Foundation fund? 

Each individual business group or region makes informed decisions about what philanthropic contributions it chooses to make. Part of the company’s philanthropic role includes financial assistance for independent medical conferences, charitable events, medical education and public education programs. Medtronic Foundation is an invite-only community grantmaking organization. We are focused on improving lives for underserved populations worldwide, as well as supporting communities where Medtronic employees live and give.