Driving Impact Through Strategic Financing & Partnerships

We strive to be more than a charitable entity but rather an impact organization, where we measure our success in terms of the amount of impact that we make, as opposed to just the money that we give.

Report: HeartRescue Global Final Report and Country Snapshots

A 5-year acute care effort across Brazil, China, and India.

Report: World Heart Federation RHD Action Final Report

A 5-year partnership focused on ending premature maternal and child mortality associated with rheumatic heart disease (RHD).

Report: From Philanthropy to the Front Lines

A collection of articles around reaching and partnering with underserved communities to provide the care they need.

From Philanthropy to the Front Lines Report

Impact Makers Series

A collection of articles and videos with actionable insights for the future of mission-driven corporate philanthropy.

Devex Impact Makers: Cultivating Change Through Philanthropy

Infographic: HealthRise

Learn more about HeathRise, a program that increased access to chronic care across the globe

HealthRise Infographic

Report: HealthRise Final Report

A 5-year chronic disease effort in four countries.

HealthRise Final Report

Report: Addressing NCDs

Learnings across Medtronic Foundation’s Global Health portfolio by building capacity, community and commitment.

Addressing NCDs Report

Article: How community health workers can address the growing NCD burden.

NCD Article