Honoring those who Live On. Give On. Dream On.


Receiving ‘extra life’ is powerful. And, while each individual chooses how to use it, their achievements can have a considerable impact in improving people’s lives.

Bakken Invitation honorees are people who, with the help of medical technology, have overcome health challenges and used their extra life to make a difference in communities worldwide. Honorees demonstrate that access to quality healthcare can empower patients to not only manage their health but also improve the lives of others. 

Selected honorees and their care partner receive an invitation to attend five inspirational days in Hawaii (recent home of the late Medtronic co-founder and Bakken Invitation inspiration, Earl Bakken). During this time, honorees will meet other impressive people using their ‘extra life’ for good and participate in an award ceremony to recognize their unique contributions. 



Earl Bakken

Medtronic Foundation started the Bakken Invitation program in 2013 to celebrate patients who LIVE ON. GIVE ON. DREAM ON. The program was inspired by Medtronic co-founder Earl Bakken. 

Earl himself benefitted from medical technology and feels he has been given years of 'extra life,' which he uses to give back to his community. It is Earl's enduring dream that anyone who is given 'extra life' considers giving back - in big or small ways.