With much of our daily lives being remote, it is not easy to connect with others, take care of our emotional health, and give back to our communities. This conference aims to bring together people living with Parkinson’s, caregivers and loved ones, nonprofit partners, and individuals who want to create change in the world.

Did you miss our virtual conference? Explore our agenda and on-demand recordings hereBe sure to visit LiveLifeAmplified.org for additional resources and ways to get involved.

  • Learn from experts why volunteering is good for your emotional and physical health.
  • Hear how people living with Parkinson’s disease have started their own journey of giving back.
  • Begin your journey of giving back — on your terms.
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Brought to you by Life. Amplified. Inspired by Earl Bakken.TM, a program from the Medtronic Foundation that supports and amplifies the actions of people living with chronic conditions who give back to make the world a better place. 

Inspiring Speakers

Do you want to volunteer but aren’t sure how to find the right cause to support?

Find inspiration from people within the Parkinson’s disease community, why some of them have started their own passion projects and how others have contributed, in big and small ways.

Actionable Learning

  • Gain the confidence you need to share your story with others and inspire them to take action.
  • Learn how you can make a difference from your home.
  • Learn how to use the power of social media to bring awareness and impact to a cause. 

Meaningful Connections 

This conference is just the beginning. After the conference, attendees can stay connected and be part of a community by sharing their stories, passion projects, or both, and make a difference in the world.


Through the LiveLifeAmplified program, you can share your story of living with Parkinson’s and philanthropic ideas with a community of like-minded people and Medtronic employees who want to help make those ideas a reality. Please visit LiveLifeAmplified.org for more information on the program.

Medtronic co-founder, Earl Bakken, was inspired by those who, despite health challenges, were passionate about making a difference. He hoped their impact could reach beyond the individual to communities around the world. The Medtronic Foundation is building on this legacy to inspire more people to share their ideas for improving their communities — and beyond. Life. Amplified. Inspired by Earl Bakken. is an evolution of the Bakken Invitation, a former program that recognized and celebrated people who, with the help of medical technology, overcame health challenges and were giving back in their communities.


Please visit LiveLifeAmplified.org for more information on the program. For questions, contact us at RS.MedtronicFoundation@medtronic.com