Medtronic Foundation Announces 2018 Global Health Opportunity Grantees

Medtronic believes that all people deserve access to quality healthcare and well-being, and through the Medtronic Foundation, we seek opportunities to demonstrate sustainable and innovative solutions to expand access and improve health outcomes for underserved populations around the world. In service of this mission, this spring, the Medtronic Foundation conducted an open call for applicants to apply for an Opportunity Grant focused on testing or scaling solutions that improve healthcare delivery efficiency while leading to demonstrable improvements in health outcomes for underserved populations.

We’re excited to share that our team received 192 applications and ultimately awarded seven applicants up to $100K for their project ideas. In addition to grant funding, these seven applicants will also be joining a learning collaborative, comprised of monthly learning goals and projects on the topic of improving healthcare efficiency.

Opportunity Grant recipients are:

  • CanSupport: Home-based palliative care expansion for cancer. (India)
  • Cedars-Sinai: Test barbershop/pharmacist medication management with telehealth. (US)
  • Heart to Heart International: Pilot a health clinic located in a market offering safe, affordable and timely care for female vendors with a focus on improving management of NCDs. (Haiti)
  • LifeNet International: Pilot hypertension and diabetes care through rural health facilities. (Uganda)
  • Noora Health: Pilot NCD inpatient training for family members. (India)
  • Sagitarix, Ltd.: Include NCD services in rural Social Innovation Hubs. (Kenya)
  • Sevamob Ventures: Test proof of concept for artificial intelligence based nutrition solution. (India)